Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Survey

1) As a result of this blog I am aware of the increase of media presence in children’s lives. I understand ways to limit television viewing and how to make it educational for children.
Do you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree

2) As a result of this blog I am knowledgeable about the negative effects television viewing can have. 
Do you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree

3) As a result of this blog I am more aware of different activities that I can do with children that do not involve television.
 Do you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree

4) The information gained from this blog was relevant to me
Do you strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, or strongly agree

5) Overall how satisfied were you with the blog? 
Not at all, somewhat, satisfied, or very satisfied

6) On a scale of 1 to 10 how effective was this blog in changing your views of television viewing practices? Please explain your answer.

7) Please rate the following aspects of the blog. Do you strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, or strongly agree that:
         a) Post length was appropriate
         b) Pace of posts were appropriate
         b) Topics covered were simple and understandable
         c) The navigation of the blog was easy (reading and posting comments)

8) What was your favorite part?

9) What was your least favorite part?

10) Any other feedback or comments from the blog experience:


  1. 1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Agree
    4. Agree
    5. Satisfied
    6. 2
    7. a-agree, b-agree, c-agree, d-agree
    8. I enjoyed the opportunity to comment
    9. NA
    10. NA

  2. 1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Agree
    4. Agree
    5. Satisfied
    6. I would say a 4, mostly because I feel like I am in line with the principles and ideas that you presented. So, I don't feel like I need to effect major change, but I do feel like my views were supported and strengthened. And I was exposed to studies and ideas that I hadn't known about before.
    7. a) agree b)strongly agree c) agree d)strongly agree
    8. I liked the post on alternate activities to do with your children. I also liked reading the comments of others.
    9. I don't have one.
    10. I think blogs are a great forum, and I think this one was interesting and informative. I believe that the subjects you addressed are very important in today's society, and the more information we have, the better.

  3. 1) Strongly Agree
    2) Strongly Agree
    3) Strongly Agree- From this blog my awareness has increased tremendously. I have a more solid understanding on television and early child development. Thanks Lauren!
    4) Agree
    5) Very satisfied
    6) 10- I did not realize how important quality face time is with your child and how much of an impact it has on their development.
    7) a Agree b Agree c Agree d Agree
    8) My favorite part was reading the posts you posted as well as additional articles that were linked to the source's webpage.
    10)Thank you Lauren for all your time and hard work into finding credible sources. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different posts and gaining a new perspective on television and the effects it has on your child's development. I feel more educated and better aware for when I have children of my mine. I also appreciated the alternating activities you posted for babies and young toddlers as ideas to do with your children that are easy and affordable. You did a GREAT JOB on this blog and the knowledge and insight I have gained has prepared me to be a better parent! Thanks Lauren... and Taylor!

  4. 1. agree
    2. agree
    3. agree
    4. agree
    5. satisfied
    6.I'd say a 2. Most of your posts were things I already viewed as important. Parents have a big responsibility to teach, interact and love their kids. Play time is better than TV time.
    7. agree on all parts
    8. I enjoyed the practical applications - the activities you posted that you could do with your child.
    10. I think you did a great job on your project. A parent can't do wrong with arming themselves with information. Again, I think the practical side is important too so that people can see how to apply the information.

  5. 1) strongly agree,
    2) strongly agree,

    3) strongly agree,

    4) strongly agree

    5) very satisfied

    6) 1, I it wasn't necessary to change my views as I already believed television watching to be a less than ideal way of spending time. It did validate and reaffirm my previously held beliefs, and serve as a reminder to find other avenues for entertainment.

    7) I strongly agree with all aspects

    8) My favorite part was that it forced me to think about my stance on different issues, and how I will go about raising my daughter as she gets older. It planted good seeds for contemplation.

    9) Getting my account set up initially, though that's just because I'm retarded

    10) Great job. Excellent source of info.

  6. 1. strongly agree

    2. strongly agree

    3. strongly agree

    4. agree

    5. very satisfied

    6. 8-9. I was already aware of the negatives of TV watching but this blog gave me more reasons behind the "why's". When the TV is on and children are present, I'm more aware of the reasons we shouldn't be doing it and have a desire to make the time more productive for the children. Before the blog, I wasn't thinking as much about it as I do now and I want to intereact with the children more.

    7. a- agree
    b- agree
    c- strongly agree
    d- agree

    8. There are two parts I really enjoyed- getting the info you posted (interesting, relevant and activity ideas sounded great) and reading what other people wrote not only got me to thinking more of your posts, but I really enjoyed hearing their ideas and experiences. . . so interesting! There are great parents commenting.

    9. Just in the beginning, I didn't know what I was doing (total novice or in Chris' words. . . retarded. I actually lost a couple of my comments but once I figured it out, it was very easy.

    10. When I read the stats of parents who allow their children to watch so much media and have it replace face to face time with their children, my thought is, "Are you kidding?" They are either uninformed and I give them some slack because there is still hope for them (they can read Lauren's blog) and if they are informed but don't do anything about it, they are stupid, selfish and lazy. Parents have the opportunity and responsibility to help their children become so much more.
    You did a great job Lauren on the info you posted. I enjoyed the flow from survey to research and info, to activities, and then to the final survey. It was also interesting to read each of your comments in regards to what others said.

  7. 1. agree
    2. agree
    3. agree
    4. agree
    5. satisfied
    6. 7. I had no idea of all the negative things that can happen from watching too much television. I am now more aware of how much television is watched in our household.
    7. a. agree
    b. agree
    c. agree
    d. agree
    8. I enjoyed all of the research posted as well as the alternative activities
    9. NA
    10. The information posted was very relevant to me and it has helped me to become a better parent.

  8. 1) Agree

    2) Agree

    3) Neutral

    4) Strongly agree

    5) Satisfied

    6) 6... The blog has helped to raise my awareness of the effects of unhealthy amounts of television viewing.

    7) Please rate the following aspects of the blog. Do you strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, or strongly agree that:
    a) Disagree
    b) Neutral
    b) Agree
    c) Disagree

    8) My favorite part was reading the research (and helping my sis-in-law)

    9) My least favorite part was trying to post...

    10) Thank you for including me... It was very well done.

  9. 1) Agree
    2) Agree
    3) Agree
    4) Agree
    5) Satisfied
    6) 5, I didn't realize how much of an impact TV really has.
    7) A) Agree
    B) Agree
    C) Agree
    D) Agree
    8) Learning things I didn't know, and being able to comment.
    9) N/A
    10) Enjoyed reading the articles and research that have such an effect on children (and sometimes adults!).

  10. Thank you Lauren for all your investigation and information.

    1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Strongly Agree
    4. Strongly Agree ... and as a grandparent I will be paying more attention to how much time my grandchildren spend in "other" activities.
    5. Very Satisfied
    6. 7 ... my children did not watch TV during the week so this was a strong reminder of why TV can be so harmful.
    7. a) Agree b) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Nautral
    8. My favorite part was ready what others had to say. Many of them were very much into this blog as was I.
    9. My least favorite part was trying to remember to visit the blog.
    10. There are many important things that slip through life that people should know about. Although this does not seem that important, it realy is important. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will expect your children to be perfect in everyway. Taylor is perfect so far. Don't mess up with her.

  11. 1. Agree
    2. Agree
    3. Strongly Agree
    4. Strongly Agree
    5. Satisfied
    6. 3...I'm pretty smart when it comes to TV
    7. a. agree b. agree c. agree d. agree
    8. Reading comments
    9. Nothing
    10. Blogs, Blogoshpere, Blogo, Blagoyavich

  12. 1-4) strongly agree
    5) very
    6) 10: the data is irrefutable and speaks for itself
    7) a-d strongly agree
    8) reading comments posted by Chris and Brandon
    9) nothing
    10) dante, hedicki, mirrors, eternal