Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Opinion Survey

1) If you have children in the home, how many are there, and what are their ages?

2) How much of an influence do you believe television viewing has on children? A lot, Somewhat, Only a Little, or None at All

3) In thinking about how much media your child uses including: television viewing and movies- would you say that those media are mainly a positive influence in their lives, a negative influence in their lives, not much of an influence one way or the other, or it depends.

4) How many TVs do you have in your household?

5) If you have a TV do you have cable, satellite TV, or not?

6) Is there a TV in your child’s/any of your children’s bedroom?

7) How much television do you watch with your children?

8) Now I’m going to read you a list of some things people say about children’s media use. For each one, please tell me if you think it is TRUE, NOT true, or you’re not sure if it’s true or not.

a) Kids who watch a lot more TV are more likely to have attention deficit disorder

b) Kids who watch a lot more TV are more likely to be overweight

c) Kids who watch educational TV have better verbal skills

d) Baby videos have a positive effect on early childhood development

e) Kids who watch television before bedtime have a harder time falling asleep


9. Is that based mainly on your OWN experiences and observations or on what you have heard in the news?

10) If you or your spouse work, is it part-time, full-time, retired, or not employed for pay?


  1. 1. 5 (8, 6, 4, 2, baby)
    2. Somewhat (really depends actually)
    3. Positive influence
    4. 1
    5. Over-air antennae and netflix
    6. No
    7. Maybe 30 minutes a day
    8. a) not sure, b) not sure, c) not sure, d) not sure, and e) Not true (at least for my kids)... for all of these I really think it depends on a lot of factors/variables, not just TV consumption
    9. Own experience/observations, my education/research in the past...
    10. I work full-time (but from home a lot), and my wife works very part-time...

  2. 1) 2 (ages 4 and 2)
    2) a lot.
    3) I would say a positive influence, mostly because of the type of program I allow them to be exposed to. If the programs are appropriate, they can instruct and expand the child's learning and experiences.
    4) 1
    5) none. (But we DO have netflix, which is how we watch children's programs.)
    6) No.
    7) About an hour and a half, and we are trying to cut back from the month of sickness we had.
    8a-d) I am not sure on any of these. It is really difficult for me to make generalizations. Each child and each experience is so different. And wether or not there are commercials makes a difference in my opinion.
    9) N/A
    10) My spouse works full time, and I teach a few piano and voice lessons per week at our home.

  3. 1) 3 (ages 8, 6, and 3)
    2) a lot
    3) depends
    4) 2
    5) cable
    6) no (there will never be a tv in any of my kids' rooms)
    7) 2 hours a week
    8) a) true; b) true; c) not true; d) not true; e) true
    9) It's based on my observations.
    10) I work full time and my wife works full time (but not for pay)

  4. 1) 3 (5.5, 3.5, 6 weeks)
    2) Somewhat - it all depends on the kid, and how much contact they have with TV vs other contact.
    3) I would say not much of an influence - most of what they watch are positive shows, good conquors evil, and they have little to no contact with commercials. It does seem to influence energy levels.
    4) 2
    5) 1 has cable and netflix, the other just has netflix/DVD player
    6) No
    7) Depends on the day. Most days none. There are a few specific shows that we watch together usually.
    8) a) true
    b) true
    c) not sure
    d) not sure, though it seems unlikely
    e) true - though I'm sure it greatly depends on the kid and the type of show they are watching before bed

    9) I'd say they are more based on my own experience, logic, and knowledge of human behavior, as I don't generally watch tv about the benefits/drawbacks of watching it.
    10) I work full time and my wife is a full-time stay-at-home mom.

  5. 1) None
    2) A lot
    3) Depends
    4) 2
    5) Satellite
    6) Not til they were 18 yrs old
    7) None
    8) A: Not sure, B: True, C: Not True, D: Not True, E: True
    9) Both
    10) Spouse full time, & I'm a homemaker

  6. 1)None
    2)A lot
    6)Absolutely NOT
    7)None-if I count my husband about two hours a day.
    8)a)false b)true c)false d)false e)true
    10)My husbands works full-time and I am a full time wifey :)

  7. 1) 1, 6 months

    2) Probably only a little at her current age

    3) Maybe slightly negative. We have noticed that she seems to be less patient and willing to play with toys when she's watched a lot of baby einstein. Now she only watches a tiny bit and I don't see any impact.

    4) 1

    5) We don't have any cable or satelite access.

    6) No

    7) 30 minutes daily

    8) Now I’m going to read you a list of some things people say about children’s media use. For each one, please tell me if you think it is TRUE, NOT true, or you’re not sure if it’s true or not.

    a) True

    b) Not sure

    c) Not sure

    d) Not sure

    e) Not sure


    9. Own experience mostly

    10) Full time

  8. 1. 2 children. 3 & 21 months
    2) a lot
    3) only positive
    4) 1
    5) no cable. just videos
    6) no. I hope we never have tv in the bedrooms.
    7) none
    a) not sure, i would think true
    b) i would think true
    c) not sure
    d) not sure
    e) not sure, before bed is when we allow our 3 year old to watch one video (no longer than 30 minutes). However the evening routine is followed by teeth brushing, book reading, prayers & songs. He always falls asleep just fine.

    9. own experience
    10) Husband- full time, me- very part time from home

  9. 1) 1
    2) Somewhat
    3) Not much of an influence (she is only three months old)
    4) 2
    5) Not any of them, Roku
    6) No and I don't intend to ever have TV in the children's bedroom
    7) None yet
    8) A: True
    B: True
    C: False
    D: False
    E: True
    9) That is based on my opinions and readings. Possibly learning some in school. Not sure.
    10) Spouse works full-time

  10. 1. 4 kids (15, 13, 11, 9)
    2. Somewhat
    3. It depends (sometimes good and sometimes bad)
    4. 3 TVs
    5. Cable
    6. Yes
    7. 1-2 hours/week on average (more if we're talking about movies)
    8a. Not sure
    8b. True
    8c. True
    8d. Not sure
    8e. Not sure
    9. Own experience
    10. Full-time

  11. 1. 3 kids
    2. a lot
    3. depends on what they are watching
    4. 2
    5. Satellite
    6. no
    7. maybe 30 minutes a week
    8. A. not true B. true C. not true D. Not True E. True
    9. Based on my observations
    10. Full time.

  12. 1. none
    2. a lot of influence
    3. depends on the media
    4. 4 TV's
    5. cable
    6. never a TV in a child's room
    7. none (just my husband and me)
    8. a. true b. true c. not true d. not true e. true
    9. Both on observations and reading about it
    10. I'm retired and my husband works full time.