Thursday, January 19, 2012


1. How much television on average do you watch in one day?
2. How much television on average do your children watch in one day?
3. What is the maximum amount of television you think is OK for your children to watch?


  1. 1. Tough to say, as it depends on the day, but probably 1-2 hours if you include traditional TV, Netflix, Hulu and Youtube videos, movies, etc. Some days more, some less...
    2. Again, depends on the day and the kids mostly watch kids shows on Netflix, PBS Kids, or Qubo... oh, also some video on Nick Jr. and Disney online websites too... probably a couple hours a day.
    3. Oh, I don't know... I suppose a lot depends on the type of show and whether or not there is interaction with other kids/parents while they are watching... And so often the little ones will have a show on but will be playing with toys and coloring at the same time. Rarely do they just watch a show without doing something else too... so that doesn't worry me too much... so maybe 3-4 hours given those conditions...

  2. 1) It varies, but probably normally 2 1/2 hours or so in most evenings give or take.
    2) On typical days, maybe 1 or 2 30 minute shows. However, this tends to spike when there is sickness, or, in our case, a new baby in the home that leaves mom more tired. When everything is well, my boys typically just watch a show or two after the oldest gets home from school. We all watch more TV over most weekends. Though, again, this depends on what else we are up to, general health, etc.
    3) It's hard to put a number on this, but our general approach has been "as little as possible." My boys tend to get a little crazy if they watch very much, so we try to keep it to under the 1 hour mark.

  3. 1. 0-.5 hours/day on average... Once in awhile I'll catch an episode of something on Hulu. I guess I do watch a game once in awhile.
    2. 1-2 hours/day on average.
    3. That's plenty... Any more than that is overkill.

  4. 1. Probably an hour depending on the night. Sometimes we watch a movie and then are done for the day.
    2. One episode of Sesame Street or two 20 min. episodes of something else. Sometimes less, hardly ever does she watch more.
    2. Less would be great, but I just can't seem to entertain her during the winter without going outside. Netflix is our go to in the morning.

  5. 1. 2-4 hours in the evening
    2. I'm an empty nester but when my children were at home we didn't watch TV Mon.-Thurs. Fri. night was couple hours if we were home. Sat. and Sun. for a couple hours and that includes a movie.
    3. 0-2 hours depending on the day but the less the better.

  6. 1) We don't have television hookup, but on average, we probably watch one movie or television show per day on the internet. If I had cable, it would likely be a couple hours at least. I get sucked in easily.
    2) We limit Taylor to 1 episode of Baby Einstein per day, which is about 25 minutes. It'll get much harder to limit as she gets older I'm sure.
    3) I don't think there is a hard rule for maximum hours. We watched 10 hours a day growing up and turned out fine. But probably a couple of hours would be ideal so that there is plenty of opportunity for a diversity of activities.

  7. 1) 2-4 hours, usually at night. If I'm bored, & also depending
    on the weather (snow?), I may turn it on in the afternoon.
    2) I don't have children living at home, but when i did, it was
    3) Less is better, & circumstances differ, but no more than 3-4

  8. 1. I watch 2-4 Hours a day. What I watch is as important as how much I watch. MTV should be rated and not available for Humans under the age of 75 years old.
    2. I have no children at home.
    3. TV should be a reward for completing all other activities, homework, etc.. The goal is limited TV watching by choice, not by rule.

  9. I watch 30 minutes of tv a day. I wish I could watch 2 hours a day. I love tv.
    My kids watch around an hour a day.
    As long as my kids are doing well in school, are physically fit, and can communicate with adults, an hour or two each day is fine with me.

  10. 1. Until just recently, I typically didn't watch much T.V. I would maybe watch 30mins-40mins here or there and it was a way to spend time with my husband. Now that my schedule is more flexible I watch a movie or a few shows with my husband each night.
    2. I don't have children yet, but growing up we were allowed to watch T.V. on the weekends and after homework was done during the week days.
    3. Hard to say. After the important things are done and it is used as a positive motivator, 1-2 hours seems adequate.

  11. 1. I usually watch 1-3 hours a day. That sounds like a lot when you lump it together like that.

    2. My kids probably watch 2.5 hours a day as well. A movie or 2. Usually something on Netflix. Though, something is usually on the tv for them to watch about 5 hours a day. But they move onto other things to do. Sometimes they play games or watch videos on nick JR for an extra 20 or 30 min.

    3. I wish I would use TV more as a reward, but lately it has been my baby sitter as I am 9 mo pregnant, currently have a bad cold, and have been recovering from a broken foot for the past 10 weeks. I don't like the things my 4 yr old daughter picks up from movies. Even kids movies. Words like idiot, stupid, or bad or bratty and spoiled behaviors. But, i'm not creative enough, nor do I have the energy these days to occupy my kids with other activities.

  12. 1. I watch on average about 2 hours of TV each night.
    2. The kids usually only watch DVRd Sesame Street in the morning before school and maybe 2 hours in the morning on Saturday.
    3. I don't like to have my kids sit in front of the TV for long periods of time, but I would say 2 hours a day is probably ok.